Hello, Dear Soul,
I’m Sai.

Welcome and thank you for wanting to learn more about me. I am a Conscious Life Coach, here to help stuck women break free from their patterns to create and align with a life of love, freedom and purpose.

I am a natural empath, it allows me to deeply connect and work from pure intentions of the heart and soul.

My Soul Mission

“I am here to help others live their highest truth. My mission is to guide and support others to higher consciousness, create a domino effect that can ripple outward causing a positive, loving shift in humanity by helping one courageous soul at a time.”

My Journey

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, China as a devoted member of the Mormon LDS church. For as long as I can remember, my life was made up of rules, limitations, judgement and a very specific set of beliefs. In 1990, I arrived in the United States where I spent my middle childhood in Long Island, New York as a 1st generation immigrant. And just like that, my life completely changed overnight as a 9 year old. I spent my developmental years feeling scared, anxious, and confused with no sense of belonging. This crucial period of my childhood coupled with the conditioning I received since birth, are both largely responsible for my development. How my behaviors, thought patterns and beliefs were ingrained into my subconscious mind, influencing me as an adult.

As a teenager and young adult, I lacked confidence and self worth, I cared and feared greatly of what people thought. I constantly sought out approval and validation so naturally I developed perfectionism as a defense mechanism. I dropped out of high school during my junior year because I struggled greatly. The same year I would also go against my family by leaving the Mormon church that led to decades of living with shame and guilt. I entered a long term relationship at the age of 16 that would last for thirteen years due to codependency and lack of self love. I spent well over a decade hunting for my idea of success, trying to prove myself by climbing multiple different corporate ladders. In my mid-thirties, I finally made my way up to a General Manager position for a great hospitality company. At last, you would think I was happy however, in actuality I felt completely empty and miserable inside. 

My goals and decisions up until this point were all based around money, status and stability rather than joy, love and passion. I couldn’t help but question my intentions and my idea of happiness. I couldn’t ignore the yearning I had for a higher purpose and the deeper meaning of life. Like a burning fire in my soul, I mustered up every last bit of courage I had to quit my safe corporate job without any direction, other than a knowing in my heart that I needed to take some time off. With time on my side, I slowed down and finally stopped grasping at life. It was through this time, I would subconsciously open myself up to receiving what one may consider as “my calling” on a day I will never forget. It was during a short meditation at the end of a yoga class, when suddenly I heard the words “life coach” in my head. I remember it was as if someone had flicked on all the lights in my life. I received this deep knowing that I had just uncovered my purpose. I am here to serve others.

Werk Wit

My spiritual journey began in my early thirties, a few years before knowing I would become a Life Coach. My director from work at the time, introduced me to meditation and books by Deepak Chopra. I felt my consciousness was becoming more awakened, because I started to have a deeper understanding and awareness of my self identity. I realized every choice and goal I had made was based on a past limiting subconscious pattern. Behind every action was this energy to prove that I was worthy and enough. I found myself holding on to false belief systems that no longer served me, simply because they made me feel seemingly safe using society’s standards and people’s opinions to navigate my own life.

The truth was I was living an inauthentic life, a life I had no power over because my past continued to dictate my present and future, my patterns and beliefs continued to hold me back and define me. All the while I was trying my god damn best, having no idea why I was constantly swimming upstream. I realized these patterns in my subconscious were due to the emotional pain and adversities I experienced in my life. They ran so deep and affected me in so many ways, much more than I ever wanted to admit. However, this breakthrough was the silver lining and the catalyst I needed to help me spark meaningful and necessary change from deep within. This incredible and beautiful inner journey of forgiveness, healing, self-love and personal transformation.

Through this self-journey, I would finally break free from the broken patterns that ruled over me. I would attract unconditional love into my life by loving myself unconditionally. I would meet and marry my soulmate in the most beautiful, unconventional manner. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do without letting go of my pain and tired beliefs. Through forgiveness and self-love, I was finally able to accept my past, let go of my pain, take back my power and own my story! My past no longer haunted me but rather empowered me. I started to live life moment to moment with power, freedom and ease, and with love, peace and joy in my heart. So when I received this calling from the divine, naturally I knew, deep in my soul that I had to be of service to others and become a Conscious Life Coach.

Werk Wit